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Calendars for your Social Media Campaigns - create your calendar

Calendars for your Social Media Campaigns

by | Jan 17, 2019 | Blog, R3D2 | 0 comments

It is the beginning of another year and you have probably resolved to do is be better with your social media this year. One thing that can really help you focus, on the content you are pushing out on your channels, is a content calendar. Here we are going to discuss the best way to create a content calendar, and how to use it.


Starting with a month view calendar is a good starting point. Microsoft Office and 365 have templates ready-made for this. Once you have set this template up with the correct starting date you are good to go on imputing important dates.

Holiday Dates

The Christmas and Easter holidays are best put in first as they are days that affect everyone. Then place the National holiday days onto your calendar. At this point it is a good idea to save this a basic calendar file. You can then reuse the file for each of your social media platforms.

Industry specific

Now you can add the dates important within your business. Do you have any major conferences? You can virtually attend these on Twitter with the right hashtag to follow the conversation threads. Does your industry have shutdown days, or peak activity days? For example, if your target audience are students then knowing when they are at university or having exams will help you plan better.

Awareness days

National awareness days are great to connect with on social media, hunt down some related to your business on Awarenessdays.com. Make sure to include the appropriate hashtags for the day to increase your reach. There are also a great list of events on The Met Office website.

Press releases and product launches

If your business has some product launches planned, then pop them in the calendar and start planning some posts in the pre-launch dates. Like wise if you are having articlespublished in newspapers, magazines, or industry related publications, then plan to include them in your calendar.

How to use your calendar

Once you have all the dates inputted, you can now plan your social media campaigns more effectively. You will not miss that opportunity toextend your reach by exploiting peak interest days.

Use Canva, which we spoke about in a recent blog, to create some eye-catching posts and save them in your calendar ready to post at the appropriatetime.

You can schedule posts ahead of time to make sure you do not miss deadlines.

Keep updating your calendar and check events are still running before posting content.

If you would like help with getting your content calendar up and running, then please contact us here at R3D2. 

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