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Changes to Social Media

by | Sep 10, 2018 | Blog, R3D2 | 0 comments

There have been a lot of changes to our Social Media platforms and we want to introduce some of them to you, so you can include them as ideas into your content calendar.

Changes to Instagram

As one of the newer kids on the block, Instagram has not lagged in getting ahead with changes in how people use and interact with the platform. As a visual platform, the main changes are around video and images. You can now add questions to your Instagram stories, along with Gif stickers and music stickers. These music stickers add a favourite piece of music to your story. Gif stickers allow you access to the entire Giphy catalogue of gifs to also add to your story.

If you are selling physical products, then consider getting yourself approved for shopping on Instagram. Once approved this will allow you to create posts with up to five of your products tagged in the image, clicking this will direct the customer directly to your product pages.

Changes to Facebook

We spoke about the Facebook template changes in our last blog. The changes Facebook has made to the algorithms have severely dented engagement. Your social media manager is not being lazy, and no amount of extra posts are going to change that. This is now the time to reconsider your advertising budget and start putting together some powerful ad campaigns. Do talk to us about this.
New tools for businesses include image editing and crossposting to Instagram. When you create a new post on your page, look out for the options just below your post. The scheduling is now in a drop-down menu, along with the crossposting. Live video will also have the option to create a poll or question, this will be rolled out soon.

Changes to Twitter

Twitter has been doing a lot to clean up its act this year, with a number of account culls, to reduce inactive and spam or fake news accounts. However, they are also some changes to how you use multiple accounts. You can no longer post the same content to several accounts. The best strategy is for your company main account to tweet and your sub-accounts to then retweet and like the tweet. As you can no longer tweet the same tweet out, your ‘evergreen tweets’ are now banned. This means fresh content each and every tweet.

Hashtags are a bit of a pitfall too. If you are constantly using the same hashtag and tweeting out several tweets containing the same hashtag, it will no longer lead to enhancement of the hashtag, unless it is happening organically.i.e others are using the same hashtag. These changes are all to do with reducing spam accounts.

Changes to LinkedIn

Most of the changes that happened late last year and took off this year. Now is the time to relook at how you are using LinkedIn and how to prepare for 2019 within the platform. ‘Video for sponsored content’ and ‘video for business pages’ is one area to concentrate your efforts. Start to develop more video content.

As you can see most of the changes revolve around reducing spam, fake news and ensuring more precise searching for users, and increasing the use of video, both live and pre-recorded. As a huge emphasis is on visual content, this is the time to start giving your Social media manager to the best content to enhance your presence and interactions on all your platforms.

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