How to Complain Successfully on Social Media

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Sometimes, you just get mad…. mad with a service or product and the next moment, you have blown your top and ranted on Social Media. If you have used choice words or misspelled words, you can come across as a bit of an idiot and possibly even get your comments deleted. Here we are going to explain how you can complain, and get the result you really want, whilst at the same time looking good.

Calm Down before you complain

The first step is to remain calm or calm down if you have already reached a boiling point. Keep away from posting just yet. First you need to look at the situation and decide what exactly has gone wrong, and work out whether, there is anything you can do offline to resolve it.


Planning your post is essential, you want to be clear with spelling and grammar. You do not want the issue to be side-lined by responses about your use of words. Plan what would make the situation better. Is it a simple refund, or replacement? Or a bit more complex? If it is simple, then do you need to resort to social media? If it is complex, can you make it concise enough for a post? Be careful not to expose too much personal detail in a post, asking to DM or PM or email is often a better route of conversation.

“A good intention with a bad approach often gets a negative result”

Just who are you talking to?

Remember the person who sees your response on a company’s Facebook page or Twitter account, is someone rather like us. A social media manager. It is not the person who made the mistake. So, appealing for their assistance is likely to get you much further than shouting expletives about the company they represent. When waiting for a response, please give us time to do so, although we may work 24/7, the decision maker who can resolve your problem may only work 9-5.

How to get what you want

As Social media managers, our job is to field complaints and make sure they do not escalate. We can contact the company and explain the benefits of sorting out your complaint quickly and efficiently. So, if we get a polite post, enquiring of our assistance to resolve a reasonable complaint in a specific way, we are very likely to respond. If you are a loyal customer of the company and have been active on the page, we will recognise you, and will want to maintain that interaction. We are the people who often instigate the discounts, competitions, and giveaways you see. So, keeping a friendly banter up on the page will reap rewards.

We welcome good complaints

A good complaint is far better than a customer quietly going to the competition. So, we welcome the opportunity to help you get the result you want. Equally remember once a company has worked with you to repair a situation, to keep using them and reward their loyalty to you.

We do hope these tips will help you when you compile your next complaint on Social Media. Click on the link you want to know How to deal with complaints.

For any help with your social media, please contact us.

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