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Facebook Live - R3D2

Facebook Live

by | Nov 23, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

If you have not used Facebook live, then this blog will encourage you to try your hand at streaming to your friends, family, and fans. Plus, we will give you a few tips for enhancing the content and engagement.

Getting Started

Firstly, all the equipment you will need is right in the palm of your hand. Your phone’s camera is readily available and very capable. Make sure to have a good connection, Wi-Fi is best if you are tight on data. However, with signals everywhere its good to get out and share this with your audience. Hot Tip: for business pages, plan your message before you stream.

To start your stream, click on the ‘live’ button on your status, and select your audience. The stream will start in a few seconds. Pages will need to go via the publishing tools, click videos and +live to get started. You can further select audience by various filters. Hot tip: select ‘only me’ to practice your video before you go live to an outside audience.

During the live broadcast

Whilst you are streaming, your audience can tune in and watch you, adding comments and reactions. Hot Tip: Do wait a few seconds for people to join you, once you have one or two viewers you can start your message.

If people are making comments, you can reply live and help keep that flow of engagement with your audience. Welcome people to the stream as they join in. Hot Tip: you can also add typed comments as you go, though only do this if you are proficient at talking and typing at the same time!

There are filters and effects that you can use, built into the camera interface. In the top corner, you can change from the front facing to the back camera if you want to show something around you.

After the broadcast

Once you have ended the live stream by tapping the ‘finish’ button, you have a choice of options. You can delete the post, download it to your phone, and post it on your timeline. Comments can still be added afterwards.

Tips for improving the engagement

Before you go live, tell your audience the time and date when you will be going live. This means they may be waiting to join you straight away.

Write a description before you go live to encourage viewers to tune in.

Start your video with an introduction to who you are and what you shall be talking about. Let people know when the end is by signing off verbally. Add by giving them advice on how to get further information regarding the subject matter.

Longer videos get more viewers, though you will need to maintain the interesting content throughout. You can live stream for up to 4 hours.

If you would like more assistance with this powerful tool, then please talk to us at R3D2.

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