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I’m not a Guru, a Ninja or a Rockstar! - R3D2

I’m not a Guru, a Ninja or a Rockstar!

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Blog, R3D2 | 0 comments

Why I don’t like the “expert” tags

I conduct business in the same way I conduct myself. I’m straight down-the-line. I tell it how I see it (but in a friendly way, not in a “your bum does look big in that” way!)

I don’t know where these Marketing Wizard Guru General Baron Saint Holy Disciple of Social Media labels came from – but I do know that there are far too many on the market these days. No doubt when it originated, as a marketing ploy, it stood out. When everyone else is calling themselves an expert, if you call yourself a ninja, people sit up and take notice. But when you’re the 500th person they’ve seen on LinkedIn they’ve seen this week calling themselves a rockstar – it feels a bit more like you’re auditioning for the X Factor – you might believe that you’re going to win. But you’ll be judged by what you do, not what you say.

I’m quite happy to be judged on what I do

I’ve got the metrics to back it up. I can measure the impact the work I do has for you.

Is that what they teach in Ninja Warrior classes? Or is it just good sense?

I believe it’s the latter. 

But here’s the main reason I don’t consider myself an “expert.” With the tag of expert, I feel like you should know all there is to know. And in social media, knowing everything would be, well, frankly, impossible

With so many different platforms, algorithms and strategies at play, claiming to know everything in social media is like claiming to know everything in Football. You know everything until someone else comes along and knows more. The world of social media is so flexible and dynamic, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to winning. Further than that, there is no ultimate victory. Going viral once is not the endgame.

It’s an organic, evolving process that will feed you output as long as you feed it input. And the quality of the output depends entirely on the quality of the input. 

So if I don’t believe in experts, and I’m not a Social Media Karate Kid…what do I believe in?

You can call yourself whatever you like, but I’m Rich, from R3D2 Social Media. No nonsense. We tell you what we’re going to do, how we’re going to do it and why we’re going to do it. And then we do it. And you get better quality input.

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