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Profiles - Here's How To Get It Right - R3D2

Profiles – Here’s How To Get It Right

by | Oct 15, 2018 | Blog, R3D2 | 0 comments

Getting your profiles right on your social media platforms is crucial to setting the tone for your brand and presence online. Your profile is usually there for a long time, as opposed to your posts which can only appear for a second or two in someone’s timeline. So it is important to take time and give some thought to your profiles.

Facebook pages

Your Facebook page has lots of information for your customers, and one of the first places people head to chat with your business. The Avatar is best as an image of your logo, which people will come to affiliate with your brand. Each time you comment, your logo will appear against the comment. This goes for both on your page and on other pages. Your header image should be representative of your business so that people can easily identify what it is you do. This image can contain text, so if you have an important message to give your customers, you could incorporate it in this header.

Twitter profiles

Twitter profiles also have an avatar and header, here again, the business logo will work to keep your business brand in mind. The bio is where you really need to put some effort. Make sure you write something that makes you attractive to follow.


This is one place where your own headshot is best utilized as your avatar. Save your logo for your business page on LinkedIn. The banner is quite wide and thin, meaning you’ll need to rethink your picture as a landscape. HOT TIP: The more information you input into your LinkedIn profile, the higher up the rankings you appear in searches


Your avatar is the only image you can have on your profile, as your posts are all shown on the same page. So the information you place in the bio section is really important. Putting your most used hashtags will mean that people may follow you based on their interest being one of the hashtags.


In an excellent tool, you can use it for free. It has all the main social media headers and posts templates ready for you to use. You can upgrade to a business version to include your corporate colours into your posts. This will also allow you to resize your designs, which makes life really easy when you are making similar posts to different platforms. Images, backgrounds, text, and shapes can be bought for as little as $1. Why not experiment with making colourful and vibrant posts, to see your engagement leap up. You can find Canva by clicking here.

Getting help

At R3D2 we pride ourselves on being experts at getting the right feel for your profiles. Please do chat to us about setting up your social media profiles, even if you want to actually do the posting yourself.

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