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Recalibrating R3D2! - R3D2

Recalibrating R3D2!

by | Mar 27, 2018 | Blog, R3D2 | 0 comments

Hey up!

Last time out I talked about a challenge I had to overcome talking to an audience of people, which actually turned out really well, thanks for asking!

But my latest challenge is something that I’d imagine a lot of people in business have faced at some point or other. People don’t seem to understand what R3D2 does. Or at least, exactly what we do.

It’s really easy to presume that other people are on your level of understanding. To presume that when they see R3D2 Social Media, they think of the same things I do; that it’ll cover events marketing, live event updates, social media advertising and engagement reports. But recently, even people who know me well, have been asking me things that made me realise they don’t know R3D2 well at all. In fact, it made me question what it was they thought I did!

It’s even easier to blame other people for this. I could think, how do people not get it? It’s social media, surely everyone knows what social media entails nowadays?!

But for one, that wouldn’t fix my problem. If I blamed other people, I wouldn’t change what I did at all. I’d go on thinking I was doing fine and if people didn’t understand it it must be their problem. And secondly…actually, when I think about it, it isn’t that obvious. When it isn’t your business to know all the ins and outs, why would you?

I’ve realised it’s my responsibility. If people don’t fully understand what I do, and how it can help them, I’ve not been doing a good enough job of communicating it. It’s hard to get that outer perspective when you’re so busy doing the work to help other people, I’ve ended up not being able to help myself as a result!

So going forward, I’ll be making some changes, not rebranding, but recalibrating how I do things.

I need to really specify what it is I’m good at, (and what I’m not so good at!) so that you’ll know exactly what you get as a client. The biggest change will be to our website, because there’s nothing more fun than updating your website, right? It will become much clearer how R3D2 can help you and your business to get your message out.

It’s always a strange process, problem solving. It almost always starts out with frustration and annoyance, but if you deal with it the right way, in the end it’s exciting. I’m really looking forward to making the changes and having a clearer future for both my business and yours!

In the meantime, if you have any queries, or you’re wondering if I can do something to do with social media and your business, assume I can and get in touch!


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