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Templates for your Facebook Page - R3D2

Templates for your Facebook Page

by | Aug 14, 2018 | News, R3D2 | 0 comments

If you have a Facebook page on Facebook, then you may have noticed an email telling you that the template or layout will be changing. Here we are going to look at those templates and explain what you can do with your Facebook page layout.

Choice of business templates

The new Facebook Page templates available are the following…

  • Standard
  • Business
  • Services
  • Movies
  • Shopping
  • Venues
  • Politicians
  • Restaurant and Cafes
  • Non-Profit
  • Video


Each template has different attributes, although standard will work for most businesses.

How to change your Facebook Page Template

If you have received the email telling you the date of automatic changes, they simply do nothing until the date has passed. If you would like to change it beforehand or at any other time, then head to your page. Click on the settings and then click on Edit page. Here you will see all the changes you can make to your page. Each template will have a different emphasis and placements of the tabs, buttons, and call to action button. Do not worry all your data stays the same, so you can try each out to see which works best for your business.


These are the clickable links down the left-hand side of your age. These can be reordered to suit your business. You can add as many as your page needs.


This takes you to the landing page of your Facebook Page.


This shows all your posts, as you posted them.


This shows all the reviews on your Page and allows people to read/write reviews.


This shows the videos you have uploaded onto your page.


This shows the photos you have uploaded onto your page.


Gives people an overview of your Page. You should fill in most of the categories to help people get in contact with your business


This displays the events you have created for your page


Clicking this will show your visitors the Facebook friends that they share with your page likes.


Lists the groups that you have linked to this Page.


Lists job openings for your business.

Live videos

Shows live videos about your Page.


Gives you a space to highlight notes on your Page.


Lists current offers for your business.


Shows the products you want to feature.



Call to Action Button

This can be changed to several calls to actions. To change it, just highlight the button and select the edit button from the drop-down menu

If you want people to make a booking with you, then the Book Now button

There are several buttons to choose from to get people to contact you:

Contact Us

Sign Up

Send Message

Send Email

Call Now

To encourage people to learn more about your business, you can use either the learn more button, or link to one of your videos with the watch now button

If you would like people to Shop with you or make a donation, then the choices are shop now or see offers

Finally, are you promoting an app? then the Use app or play game buttons may be used.



If you would like more assistance or advice on how to arrange your Facebook page template, then please talk to us.

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