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When you are in business, sometimes it is too easy to forget that Social Media is essentially a social pastime. Here we shall look at the things people do on Social media socially, and hopefully, it will give us some insight into what we should post as businesses to gain the best effects.

Friends and Family

Most people when asked about why they use social media, will first reply, because their family and or friends are on that channel. They feel they would miss out on family news, as it is most often posted on social media first. There are countless posts about new relationships and announcements of births and marriages. Today we can have family and friends around the world, so using social to keep in contact is vital. Facebook is the number 1 channel for families, with WhatsApp a close second as a messaging service and, of course, a cheaper way to make calls across the globe. If as a business your target audience is families, then you really do need to be on Facebook.

Television and Media

People love to chat about their favourite subjects and television is right up there at the top. Twitter is especially utilised by the BBC in the UK, with most programmes having their own hashtag for you to follow the conversation, during and after the broadcast. Celebrities have a huge following on their channels as people hope to get insider news and peek behind the scenes. Magazines and Newspapers also love social media for disseminating their content and gaining ideas for future articles. If you want to get some media exposure, then Twitter might be a good place for you to post your content. Do tag publications and reporters when you link to their articles.

Video and entertainment

If you take a look back at some of the content you have personally liked over the past week, I am going to guess that videos and humorous memes or clips will feature heavily. We, humans, love to laugh and giggle at life. We often share those jokes with others. So, do plan some humour into your posts, however, be careful how you portray your brand.


Inspirational quotes are to be found all over the internet. These memes crop up on Instagram, helping those who are struggling with life feel just that bit better about the world, by touching them on an emotional level. Consider using inspiration in your messages to your target audience. Facebook live has many individuals giving that personal inspirational talk to their followers. This particularly works if you are a business mentor or in the business of training.


Most of us, today, when we choose to buy something, we will go online to research the service or product. Yes, we check out the website, but after that, we often check on Social media and review websites. This background checking makes us feel we are making the right decisions and not just taking things on face value. Of all the opinions we consider those of our close friends, family and peers the highest. So, keeping your business Social media channels full of positive feedback and friendly interaction will help your prospective buyers make a satisfied decision.


Now after the World Cup we cannot get away without mentioning sporting events. A huge section of the population is interested in sports, and passions can run high on Social media as discussions about which team or player is the best are fiercely battled out on the social media forums. This is, of course, is the place to be if you are running a sporting event, team, or supporters club. Be careful to not let your passions run away with you and watch your content for appropriate words. Gentle banter is ok, slanging matches turns followers right off.

If you like some help on what to post for your business on Social media, then please contact us and have a chat.

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